Healing Complex Kids provides hope and healing to families that are trying to recover their complex (special needs) children from their diagnosis.

We provide hope in the form of awareness. We want parents, teachers, therapists, and medical practitioners to know that it is possible to greatly improve the cognitive and social abilities of children diagnosed with ADD/ADHD, autism spectrum disorder, FASD, PANDAS, sensory issues, anxiety and depression, learning issues, and other developmental disabilities.

We provide healing in the form of education. Through this web site, our social networks, and events we host or sponsor, we present solutions to help complex children recover.

We have a strong dedication and interest in helping all families that struggle with finding the resources they need to maintain family stability. Our on-going and long-term mission is to provide families with the resources they need in the form of education, awareness, and interventions so they and their children can have the best family experience possible and help children grow up in healthy, loving families.

Consider joining us in helping give these children and their families a brighter future by donating to one of our projects.