And are you feeding your LOVE of ART and sharing it with your kids?

I cannot remember the last time I visited the DIA – Detroit Institute of Arts….just that my now 14 year old son was still in a stroller! It was before he got sick and we started down the journey of recovery…. And I’ve decided that it’s time! With this wonderful gem right here in my backyard, why haven’t I visited before? Or a more accurate statement, in the midst of the healing madness, 100’s of doctor’s appointments, educational meetings, hospital visits, research, etc., why haven’t I taken the time to feed my love of art? You did just read my last sentence? In the midst of the 100’s of doctor’s appointments and all the assorted fun…..Yeah- easy to get now, right?

So this morning as I started thinking about what to do this summer with our three teens I had the thought in big capital letters ART….visit some ART. And not just art festivals or cultural events. They see a few of these through the summer and I’ve found the best way to keep them interested and motivated is by bribing them with little treats, etc.

If I were to be totally honest, I miss going to galleries and having searing discussions with my husband about ART. We both like ART, just “different” ART. I well remember one of the first “discussions” that lead to a solid agreement and pact we experienced as young newlyweds. We were on a trip to San Francisco looking at some art and I stopped, completely captivated by a modern painting with a vibrant mixture of colors. My husband walked up behind me and said, “You really LIKE that?” (I’m sure you can hear the disdainful inflection)…..and then began the game of showing each other paintings and sculptures that “spoke” to us – ART we really liked and would love in our home. Needless to say, it was SEVERAL hours before we found a painting and an artist that we both liked. And for us what was born that day was a new respect and understanding of how our different personalities LIKED or even LOVED different forms of ART. And our pact was we would not purchase ART for the communal family unless we agreed on it. So my office has the ART I love, his office has the ART he LOVES and it took a while to fill the blank walls in the living room!

The art of understanding artLast summer our family went out east for several doctor’s appointments and along the way we sandwiched in some fun activities. One day we found a special garden alcove within a Massachusetts gallery to have a fun picnic and another day we visited Salem and found an unusual piece of ART that “spoke” to both my husband and I. But the biggest take-away from the trip was the JOY, the absolute JOY I felt seeing and experiencing ART, something I LOVE and have missed through the journey of healing. And how appropriate that on one of the missions to get healing, we found a piece of ART that “spoke” to both my husband and I and we now have it as a souvenir of our trip.

It’s almost time for school to get out, and I’m making plans to take my kids to the DIA. Residents of Wayne, Oakland & Macomb counties receive free admission which also includes no charge for a tour. Your only cost will be parking and any food and snacks you purchase. Score! I’ve found a fun, low-cost activity to help broaden my kids cultural perspective and get me back doing something I ENJOY. YEAH!!! Double Score! So let me know if anyone wants to join me this summer at the DIA – I’m excited!



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